Welcome to the site!
Welcome to rightsideup.org - a new site for conservative commentary. I aim to comment on topical stories and the big issues of our day from the standpoint of modern conservatism. That is, a combination of free market economics and traditional moral values.

In today's world, so much of what is portrayed in the media and elsewhere comes at us from a particular point of view, whether consciously or unconsciously. This view is the prevailing philosophy of the intelligent middle classes, focused around urban areas in the UK and on the Northeast and West coasts of the US. Those who hold this viewpoint see themselves as enlightened and morally upright, and have given us such terms as 'politically correct'. They preach 'tolerance' and understanding and see the world in shades of grey, but rarely in black and white.

Modern conservatives, by contrast, see the world in clearer shades - of right and wrong, of truth and falsehood, of freedom and captivity. They maintain that there are still moral absolutes in the world today, and that one of the greatest threats to our way of life is the refusal to accept this fact and the insistence that no-one and no point of view is ever right or wrong.

Everyone has the right to believe as they will, and to express their views, however extreme or false they may seem to others. This site is an attempt to portray in a reasonable and rational way the other side of the argument. I invite your constructive comments and feedback and would love to hear from those who have views on the subjects I tackle.

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